Welcome to the Learning Summit

The Learning Summit is a Community of Corporate Learning Professionals

The Learning Summit was established five years ago as the Melbourne Learning Summit and has grown to a community of over 500 learning practitioners in Melbourne.

The Learning Summit runs regular meetings (now virtually) to connect and collaborate, to exchange news and insights into learning practices. Participants will present and discuss learning-related subjects. Ultimately the Learning Summit seeks to broaden everyone’s views on learning and generate exciting ideas, share our experiences and learn from each other.

Learning Summit Participants

Connect - Create - Improve

  • Connect

    Connect with likeminded people who are interested in driving the best learning and development experiences and practices.

  • Create

    Co-create with others. Learn from each other. Create insights and new perspectives that will help you to drive innovation.

  • Improve

    Get inspired by leading practice and thought leaders. Get access to new ways of thinking and looking at workforce challenges.

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